Create a Safer Workspace By Controlling Hazards and Risk

How many times have we walked past a hazard in our path and not noticed it. It is easy to do and we accept it though we know better. Equipment not maintained, lack of good housekeeping practises, electrical cords not tested and tagged at regular intervals, the break rooms not kept clean and tidy are just a few things that contribute to unsafe work areas that can lead to an incident or accident.

A lot of the most common hazards we see are:

- Equipment that we use every day that may produce shavings, oil to spill to the floor material cut offs left to piling up on the floor, tools not stored properly, or using damaged tools or equipment.
- Environmental and safety hazards not being reported, starting to do a job without thinking about the risk and hazards that could be present, such as chemical vapours, spills, dust and rubbish in the area.
- The environment of the work area is a huge factor for your employees such as lack of lighting, noise above acceptable levels, no clearly identified routes to walk in, poor ventilation, and temperature.

These are just a few examples of hazards that can be in your work place that get over looked because we have learned to deal with it.

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