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Safety-Consultant wants to help you make sure your Safety Management Plan will fully comply with the Safety Act & Regulations which is a nationally accepted workplace safety system. Safety-Consultant will use a systematic approach to quickly get you a low cost up to date Safety Management Plan for your small business. To do this Safety-Consultant will use some very standard forms so that they are easy for you the business owner and your employees to understand.

Below is a list of some of the things we can provide and help your small business become and stay compliant.

Work with you to get your emergency evacuation plan in place;
Use standard easy to understand safety forms and templates;
Provide you with a work place inspection form;
Keep to a standard set of registers with standard entry fields;
Provide you with a universal OHS incident investigation procedure;
We will be here to coach and advise you as is needed;
Help you develop an induction system for new employees;
Set you up with standard hazard and risk assessment methodology;

At Safety-Consultant we use a standard system to keep cost as low as possible for you the small business owner. We are always close by if you need us to adjust your Safety Management Plan. For Example: Moving to a bigger building, you purchased new equipment and want a risk assessment done on it so your workers will know the risk before they start to use it or you have started to use a new chemical and need a chemical risk assessment done. We at Safety-Consultant want you to rest assured we are here to help you.?


Work place health and safety advice given early can be priceless. In the long term results it will be cost effective by saving you time and money. Getting the safety advice to late will cause you to repeat work. This will lead to a greater cost and could lead to loss time incidents that no company wants and needs. Don’t wait call today see where Safety-Consultant can help you and eliminate these costly issues.

Get your Work Health & Safety Advice before laws are broken not after.

Suffering and loss is the result you cause when you apply the Safety Act & Regulations wrongly in your business. If you misunderstand the requirements of the Safety Act & Regulations you can end up breaking the law. The Safety Act can impose consequence on companies and their senior management. Misunderstanding the Safety Act or Regulations can put your company into court to be prosecuted for not fully complying with the Safety Act or Regulations. It’s far better to get early help, than to find out later you really needed critical help because you were not compliant with the Safety Act or Regulations.

When you get Safety Act or Regulations wrong, or you do not comply properly you can get improvement notices to correct the fault, or worst of all, prohibition notices that shut your business down. Each year Australia gets issued many prohibition notices and many improvement notices. If your business name was to appear on them it could cause you a lot of worries as well as the possibility of ruining your reputation in the industry and with your customers. It is just not worth it.

This could only happen if you failed to comply with your obligation and your Duty of Care as a business owner. It is in your best interest to have a safety specialist like Safety-Consultant to help insure you are getting the right advice when you may not be sure.

Drafting a safety management system is complex and it is easy to create a complicated mess if you do not have a mentor or coach to ask for advice. At Safety-Consultant we want to provide the coaching and mentoring advice you need. We will work with you and visit your site as needed to ensure that the Safety Management Plan is working and being monitored for continuous improvement.

We’ll help you to prepare your safety system and stay with you during its implementation to make sure you do it correct.

You can call Safety-Consultant as needed to coach and mentor your compliance. We can set up an agreement with your operation to provide advice and answer your Work Health & Safety questions. We become your safety specialist resource and provide the advice you need. Retain us and you get our safety advice, and our safety help to use in your company.

It’s an easy and effective way to get all the answers to all your Work Health & Safety questions when you need it.

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